Satrio Piningit “Hidden Knight/ Hidden Ksatria” has Appears


Hidden Knight/ Hidden Ksatria

This paper is devoted to those who want to understand the truth about the mystery: Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight), Mahdi, Dajjal, Jesus Christ, anti christ, prophet Jesus, the Messiah and Messiah This paper also reveal the mystery: Sabdo Palon Nayo genggong, Nyi Roro Kidul, space creatures, (UFO), the nation’s ancestors Israel and the continent of Atlantis.

Joyoboyo would predict the later emergence Hidden Knight would bring Indonesia to a golden age. Prediction was rewritten by Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsito. The words “appears” in the forecast should not be interpreted as the emergence of a leader as we commonly know or have seen so far. Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) are two adjectives that come together and attached to a person. Satrio = knight means true nature of a fighter in upholding the truth and defend those who are oppressed and persecuted. Piningit = “Hidden” meaningful properties that confine themselves to go unnoticed by the public.

Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) only one person and not seven, as said by people who do not understand. Although Satrio Piningit have emerged and are already among us would not be possible but we can figure out the figure of him. If people find out it will automatically fall is the nature and identity as a Piningit (self Locking / Hidden).

Appearance is a sign of “Goro-goro“. Goro-goro is intended in the prophecy Ronggowarsito was massive unrest that led to the collapse of the New Order regime. After Suharto resigned his position as president of the Republic of Indonesia, so many new characters that have sprung up. All the figure who emerged not can be said as a knight, because not them that dropped the Soeharto.

Goro-goro is the brainchild of “Hidden Knight“. Riots in May 1998 was the second-goro goro. The first occurred in Makassar on the events of Black September 1997. This is the city of his birth. In this city he was born and raised and then left to wander and roam all over the globe. Extremely high knowledge,  He was able to be everywhere in its absence. That is without being noticed by humans, jinn and satan.

Hidden Knight was the son of god in the form of humans. His form is no different as human beings in general. His mother is the woman of Java, so the Hidden Knight also called Javanese. Called the son of god as the incarnation of the Hidden Knight Hidir prophet.

Hidir prophet is the prophet who is full of mystery. Believed to exist but not known where his existence. Before the prophet Adam down to earth, the prophet Hidir already exist on earth. Hidir Prophet that caused flash floods in the prophet Noah, because that prophet is also called a prophet Hidir its water. All living things need water in order to survive, because that prophet is also called a prophet Hidir governing human sustenance.  Before people knew sky religion (Jews, Christians and Islam), humans have not known the name of Allah. Humans only know the gods. All the world religions (Hindu, Buddha, Confucius, etc.) worship the gods.  All religions of the earth makes water as a means to deliver offerings, worshiped or a reconstituted starting reinforcements to both river and sea water. All were addressed to the prophet Hidir, because the prophet Hidir is supreme gods of all gods known to man.

Hidir prophets are the foundation stone of all religions of the earth. Because the knight is the son of the prophet Hidir Piningit, then the knights Piningit also called a god-human form. Human beings because he was conceived and born of a Javanese woman who had lived in the Village ‘sambung jawa’ Makassar half a century ago.

Sabdo Palon Nayo genggong, not king. He was a king’s courtiers. Similarly, Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) he was not king but he was always willing to sit parallel to the king. Moreover he would not submit to obey the king because he was the courtiers of the Supreme King, the Lord of Hosts.

Since Suharto’s resignation with honor, Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) was sitting next to the king (president). He was entitled to sit in it because it was he who toppled President Suharto’s rule. That’s why no one would dare claim to the most meritorious in the overthrow of Suharto. All the presidents who came to power after the Soeharto era has always condemned by his own people because there is no longer a president who has the “charisma” of the king. Charisma had been taken and hidden by the Knights Piningit. He took it from the president Soeharto on the night before Suharto announced his resignation. No one knows this except for the two events. Each party filed a requirement. Soeharto requested that she and her children are legally protected nature. And knights Piningit stipulating that Suharto did not tell anyone about being fine and the presence of  Hidden Knight.

Charisma “king” has been saved by a knight Piningit long to be presented to the Messiah (Ratu Adil)  who will rule in the Republic of Indonesia is if the time has come. Without Hidden knight the Messiah will never exist because the real Messiah is Satrio Piningit (Hidden Knight) itself.

The Hidden Knight has emerged with a gun “Trisula Vedas”. Weapon trident or three or three basic precepts is the role of Conduct him as the Messiah, Jesus Christ and Prophet Isa. That is what Trident weapons. As the Imam Mahdi, he will kill the dajjal. Dajjal is one-eyed creature born of  ‘the bermuda triangle’. Dajjal is not magic but real human beings.  The Bermuda triangle is a tool that gave birth to a human female. The definition of “one-eyed” is all thepeople of Indonesia who only see the president in power without going to know or see or believe that knight Piningit been sitting parallel with the president. -Eyed one is the ruler (president, governor, bupati and mayors) who ruled for welfare. himself, his family, buddy-buddy or close persons and not prioritizing the welfare of its people.

One-eyed individual persons who are selfish without regard to the rights and interests of others.  One-eyed man is the master passion. There was passion in human blood. Imam Mahdi’s lust to kill that man regained consciousness. Imam Mahdi is obliged to awaken people, either voluntarily or forced to be accepted voluntarily.

Imam Mahdi is the behavior of the most severe behavior undertaken by knight Piningit, because before he faced the man who is still alive today he should be able to subdue the ancestors of the dead who have direct blood ties with people who are still alive today. In the supernatural, Imam Mahdi had to fight and be able to subdue all the spirits of the dead man. Imam Mahdi is invincible because until recently he referred to as a knight. Means a warrior knight who has never been beaten. Very familiar with knight Piningit your ancestors, the ancestors of humans living today. Your ancestors, submissive and obedient to the command Hidden Knight. Not only is he familiar with your ancestors, but all the past events that happened centuries ago, he knew well. All the events happening now and will happen in the near future be known by knight Piningit. As Jesus Christ, knight will kill the anti christ Piningit. Anti Christ is a braggart and a liar. Anti-christ has a mark (tattoo) animal in his arms and labeled with the number 666 (triple six).

Anti-christ is not supernatural but human beings alive today are those who like to brag and lie in achieving its goals. People who like to brag and lie the same position with the animal. Scholars of religion, whether he’s Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian or whatever as long as he does not understand clearly what he said then that person, including a braggart and a liar. The politicians who only promises to spread at the time of elections only a braggart and a liar for not being able to prove what was promised and said. Similarly to the president, governors, regents and mayors are elected promises before, after the rule is not able to prove its promises, it is called as a braggart and a liar. Anyone man who likes to brag and lie is the Anti Christ.

666 numbers are the elements contained in the body of a human life. There are six elements in the human body or parts, namely: meat, bones, blood, soul, heart and spirit. Number six is written three times (666) the meaning is the sixth element of knight Piningit clean it three times and vice versa, from meat, bones, blood, soul, heart and soul and spirit, heart, soul, blood, bones and meat back again begins of meat, bones, blood, soul, heart and spirit.

The method of cleansing the human nature of the beast (a braggart and a liar) conducted by knight Piningit in two ways. Meat, bones and blood by being baptized or washed. Soul, heart and soul (logical thinking) by means anointed or smoked. All that he did it without being seen and unseen by the human mind. For humans who have died. Hidden Knight to clean it with cleaning it three times (333) that is the soul, heart and soul because they no longer have the body and the body.

Islamic people if you want to pray preceded by ablution, cleanse the body parts specific to each water three times in order for water to be absorbed into the soul, heart and soul in order that they desire to be quiet for a moment. People who are Hindu, Buddhist and Confucius also believe the number “six” on the version and vision of each. Hindus believe in the existence of good and bad karma. Every behavior and our actions then karma will come down to the sixth generation. Buddhist people believe in reincarnation or rebirth. Every man who died will be reborn in the sixth generation. Confucius believed that the ancestors can help their offspring in this world in trying to find sustenance. Ancestor they mean is up to the level above anam generation (grandfather’s grandfather). Follow the religion of the ancestors, together with Jewish religious beliefs. They just have faith and trust in their Lord is their grandfather Ibrahim (Abraham). The faith of the Hindu, Buddha, Confucius and the Jews are the true faith, everything is offended in the Qur’an. No one should blame them. No one may claim that he himself or his religion is right. For those who have been washed (baptized and anointed) knight signaled to him as his sheep. Hidden Knight is the shepherd. Anyone who disturb the sheep it will earn the wrath of the shepherd knight Piningit. The sheep is what will get the atmosphere of Indonesia which Gemah Ripah jinawi. Blessed to live in peace in God. Baldatun Tayyibun wa rabbun ghofur.  …a territory fair and happy, and a Lord Oft-Forgiving!.

Sila (trident) The third weapon is the behavior of Hidden Knight him as a prophet Isa. This is the phase disuarakannya truth. The voice of truth is referred to as “Sabdo Palon” The voice of truth it is the angel Jibril (Gabriel). He will open the door of a small human heart and whispers in the hearts of men, until men believed that knight Piningit already exists around us, although not yet visible to the eye. Man who prompted him by an angel named as NayoGenggong. All NayoGenggong be entrusted the task of delivering “Sabdo Palon” knight Piningit that has been in the midst of the Indonesian people have not seen or even known who he is and where its existence. If the look and know he is not knight Piningit. He’s a god but not a god. The Javanese, but he wears a new name.

Gifts that God gave the test “the courage of self” is the revelation of Lawh torah (law). The mission of Moses to bring Israel into the Palestinian people is not accomplished until he died because Moses was not blessed with intelligence and leadership (leadership). Because the mission has not been successful then mysteriously disappeared Lawh torah, taken back by God. David (Daud) is the person who provided intelligence and leadership. It was he who managed to bring the people of Israel into Palestine. With the provision of intelligence he was able to knock down Jhalut (Goliath) only by a small rock that sped from his slingshot and hit his head Jhalut. With the provision of leadership he was appointed as a king for Israel. With the provision was also David (David) can manage his time, a special day to worship God worship, a day to set his people (the people of Israel) and a day for foster families, children and his wives. The days of David, Lawh torah back down and kept by David Lord (David) in the Temple (Bait ul-Maqdis Masjidil Aqsa).

Jewish people (Israel) should no longer worship and cult Musa (Moses) because Moses was no longer alone. Hidden Knight has menggenapkannya. Self-confidence and courage knight Piningit equivalent self-confidence and courage possessed by Moses. Hidden Knight also have heard God’s voice twice. First, when God set the women who should he peristerikan. This is the same as Moses was commanded to marry the daughter of the prophet Shu’aib. Second, after the Lord gave a sign of “red dots” on the ribs. Two red dots is a sign of belonging to the same two miracles the prophet Moses. The first is the power in the wand and the second is in the palm of his right hand. That is why knight Piningit not allowed to use his hands to do the grunt work. Hidden Knight stick is magic wand because his enemies are invisible.

Since the events of the night “lailatur Qadr” that, when light is given by the prophet Muhammad to the Knights Piningit Hidir, then he already knows that he is a MAHDI but he does not have self confidence. Self-confidence granted when he was first heard God’s voice. Courage self-administered when he had heard the voice of God. At those times Hidden Knight can not claim to be the Imam Mahdi, because it was knight Piningit not ascend into heaven to receive Lawh (command) to fight. Light of Muhammad who is in Hidden Knight is light given. Confidence is the belief that Hidden Knight given. Courage is the courage of self Hidden Knight given. Hidden Knight was just a poor orphan who had not and nothing. All that the only gift from God.


There is no verse in the Quran that tells about the Imam Mahdi. Nation of Islam to know about the Imam Mahdi, liars and downs of the prophet Isa is only through the hadith the prophet Muhammad. Nation of Islam split into several groups questioned only about the Imam Mahdi when they do not have the slightest knowledge of the Imam Mahdi. Suppose Imam Mahdi told in the Qur’an then certainly the Islamic Ummah will split into pieces and pieces that are in the circle of evil satan.

Correlation between God and the Imam Mahdi very personality. A confidential relationship (very, very secret). Imam Mahdi is the main task of bring the truth of the Qur’an. Verse by verse stated the truth and then assembled and summarized. Quran Imam Mahdi is running. Imam Mahdi is a witness who saw the Lord of the Universe with all of creation. No one can know God with all His secrets except Imam Mahdi. Islamic Ummah should not be cult and revere the prophet Muhammad no matter how much his services because now no longer the prophet Muhammad himself. He’s not single. He is not God. There Imam Mahdi who is her partner. Prophet Muhammad has been fulfilled. Prophet Muhammad in charge of bringing the Qur’an, Imam Mahdi is in charge of proving the truth of the Qur’an. Imam Mahdi is not an apostle prophet especially since there are no more prophets and apostles after Muhammad. But the prophet Muhammad is not the leader of mankind. Imam Mahdi was the leader of mankind.

Quran is the holy book of Islam which is believed by the community but the Quran is not for the Nation of Islam. Quran to all mankind both living and the dead without distinction of religious background. Quran is not just for mankind but it will also cater to the Qur’an universe. Imam Mahdi is obliged to subdue the universe and all its contents to accept and justify the Koran. The whole human race both the living and the dead, the whole class of society Jinn and Satan shall be subject to accept and justify the Koran. Imam Mahdi had no business with the symbols of Islam because Imam Mahdi is given the task to justify Muhammad’s religion. Imam Mahdi is the task of justifying the Qur’an include God of Abraham justified. Nian heavy task of Imam Mahdi. Fight alone. No day without a war. If there spare time then it will only be filled to set the strategy and tactics for the next fight and fight again. In a hadith the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned “doomsday suppose it could be delayed even one day God will put it off just to please the Imam Mahdi”. This hadith sahih. This hadith describes how hard the task to be Imam Mahdi.

Ummah has left also may no longer cult of Jesus Christ, no matter how great the service and sacrifice. All that is history with all sorts of erroneous interpretation. He has been down for a second time. He descended to fulfill. Because he has gone down so he can no longer be said of the Lord Jesus, because he has come down to fulfill. GOD only a single in Paradise. That is God. All that having a partner is a man of God. All that has been accomplished is the servant of God. One only God. Own. He can not be fulfilled. He can not be timed. So follow the religion of our father Abraham. That is true religion. Not Christianity, nor Islam much less Jewish. Follow the religion of our father Abraham. That is the right religion. A straight path. The road to Paradise was promised. To prove the truth of the prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and Prophet Isa then at the age of thirty-four years Hidden Knight ride into the sky. Not the bodies of his body but his soul is rising.

Time of the Prophet Muhammad used to do Isra and Mi’raj, nor the bodies of his body but his soul is only just a ride to heaven. Hidden Knight ride to heaven alone. Not accompanied by anyone. His soul left the body of his body and jump quickly to space the universe in a matter of a few minutes he crossed the gates of heaven. Heavens door round in shape like an old well made of red stone structure that is not covered in cement. Diameter circle around four yards. There are three white buildings of four floors each with a row of ten rooms so that each building is shaped like a flat that every building there are forty rooms. Flats is the abode of one hundred twenty angels in which each building inhabited forty angels.

In front of the residential flat building there is an angel-shaped building rectangular chamber, the smaller size of the Kaaba. The high is not as high as the Kaaba. Chamber height was only two meters. The walls are made of thick glass. The color is opaque black. Black with kiswah Kaaba. Booth name is baitul aswan. Knowledge of God stored in the cubicle. In front of the booth, building on the left side of the angels there is a stretch of flat desert as far as the eye could see. Clean sand, the color yellow as the color of the full moon. There was no wind there is no sun in the desert it but weather was calm and quiet. Name field is the field masyhar. One hundred and twenty angels in charge of guarding the booth baitul aswan. Guard duty is called tawaf. Other task is to keep the door to heaven is not penetrated by the jinn and satan who like steal the sky news. Three angels take the knowledge of God from the chamber baitul aswan then they put that knowledge into self Piningit Satrio. Incorporated in her right arm and the blood red liquid on his left arm put milky white liquid. Entering it by way of injection. Syringes are used as commonly used syringes when injecting the cows. This science is called real science. Allocation to real people who are still alive today. Then filled again Satrio Piningit science through his nose (lane breath). The tools used such as respiratory aids used by the hospital. This so-called occult sciences. Destining for men who had been in the supernatural because it had died. The latter Satrio science Piningit filled through top of his head. Tool that is used as a tool used to detect if a doctor or paramedic heartbeat. Shaped like rubber, black color and placed in the crown Satrio Piningit. The purpose of this science is so Satrio Piningit can receive instructions directly, or direct or control commands directly from the Lord of Hosts.
Once filled with four kinds of knowledge by the angel with the blink of an eye Satrio Piningit straight up into the seventh heaven. There he met the angel Gabriel alaihissalam in the original form and appearance. Angel Gabriel stood at the door of Paradise. Paradise on the doorstep there is a stretch of white around the size of six by six meters. Name of the place is Sidratul Muntaha. In that place to its knees Satrio Piningit to raise his hands. His neck looked up. There he saw a small black cloud segumpulan. Gumpulan name of a small black cloud is “throne”. That’s where the Lord of Hosts enthroned.  Satrio Piningit said “Ya ALLAH, I have come” then God said: “O …….. (God calls the three-letter names of the nine letters Satrio Piningit belonging Satrio Piningit real name) …. Why have you come!. Back to Earth “.
Satrio Piningit not answer. He paused in silence. Command is a command back to earth to bring the truth about what he saw and what he knows. Satrio Piningit is a witness who saw. As the witnesses are correct, the Satrio Piningit must submit his testimony. Delivery is not with words but through actions. And the action in the street fight! With the knowledge gained in the first heaven, Satrio Piningit lead themselves to lead a war with the title of Imam Mahdi. All the events on earth be it melee, goro-goro, wars between tribes, religions, and nations, natural disasters in the form of hot clouds, forest fires, flash floods, tsunamis, landslides, volcanic eruptions , Adam Air plane crash and the Sukhoi SJ 100 and other strange occurrences that can not be understood by human common sense logic is clear evidence that Imam Mahdi has come down and declare its presence.

Satrio Piningit testify and justify the Christian belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day, then he came to visit his students and gave a last message. After these messages convey him; Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, the Father’s house in Paradise.

Satrio Piningit testified and confirmed the belief that Islamic Ummah is not Jesus who was crucified, but God created that resembles him. Isa is a prophet who resembles his body itself. The bodies of the mother was Maria (Mary) gave the name as Jesus, while his soul is called the father of Jesus, by his (her). Jesus had also climbed the sky.
Satrio Piningit testified and confirmed that Jesus Christ or Prophet Isa father was at home in Paradise. Apparently they are only one. Man on earth to know him by two names. It turned out that in Paradise he used his new name is “angel Jibril” (Gabriel).

Blood-red liquid that is injected into the right arm Satrio Piningit first time the sky really is the liquid that is the blood of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. Liquid that looks like white milk is injected into the left arm is actually the soul Satrio Piningit alaihissalam prophet Isa. Jesus Christ and Prophet Isa kept a mystery for mankind and leaves dissent and animosity throughout the history of human civilization. That can resolve this dispute is only the Imam Mahdi. Therefore the prophet Isa makes Imam Mahdi, as well as Imams. Imam Mahdi higher position than the prophet Jesus, while the position of the prophet Jesus Christ is like a parallel to the right arm and left arm. Jesus Christ and Prophet Isa is the two colors red and white. Imam Mahdi will unite them into a red and white colors without desecrating it. Red and white is the flag of the Republic of Indonesia. Countries where the decline of Imam Mahdi, Jesus Christ, and the prophet Isa. That brings all three down to earth this is Satrio Piningit.

This can happen because of his father with his father Satrio Piningit brothers of Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa). His father named Satrio Piningit Hidir ALHIDIR or prophet, while the name of the father of Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa) was the Messiah (MASEAS). Prophet Hidir first created, then followed the Messiah (Maseas).
ALHIDIR supernatural God is light while the light of Christ is true God. Because the father Satrio Piningit magical light just God, he has to keep himself and had to hide her true identity. Unlike the case with Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa) whose father is the true light of God so since the beginning of his birth until he died and was raised again obliged to mention who his father. Jesus Christ is the last achievement together with the origin of its creation is a MASEAS. Rise from his grave on the third day was the time he became MASEAS. It was then that Jesus Christ is called the Lord Jesus by his disciples followed by the Ummah has left afterwards. The Qur’an never mentions Jesus Christ but the Son of Maryam Isa. There are only two verses that mention the word “Messiah, Isa son of Mary”. There are no verses that call Jesus Christ. The highest achievement of the prophet Jesus was when he was raised to be raised to the sky merges with the origin of its creation, namely Christ. That’s when his identity as the Son of Mary, to be dated and shall be entitled to use the name of Jesus Christ ( ISA AL MASIH ).

Jesus Son of Mary is also called as a prophet and messenger because he brings God’s teachings to be spread to the human race. Jesus Christ should not be called an apostle prophet especially since he acquired the title Christ after his resurrection. Christ is not the prophet let alone an apostle. Christ is the true light of God. That is why when Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day he became MASEAS (Messiah) and named as the Lord Jesus.

ALHIDIR (Hidir prophet) and Messiah are both servants of God. ALHIDIR supernatural God is light. God’s supernatural shadow. Christ is God’s true light. Real image of God. Both are the closest servant. His side. Both are accomplished. Yuhan only just the one. Single. Esa. ALHIDIR (Hidir prophet) and Messiah are both servants of God. ALHIDIR supernatural God is light. God’s supernatural shadow. Christ is God’s true light. Real image of God. Both are the closest servant. His side. Both are accomplished. Yuhan only just the one. Single. Esa. OF THE.

ALHIDIR rule the earth and all its contents. Messiah control of the sky and all its contents. Alhidir mastered all of the supernatural. Mastered all of the real Messiah. Alahidir the East. Christ mastered the west. Alhidir ruled the night. Christ rule over the day. If ALHIDIR and Messiah together then that is called ALLAH. None of the servants or creatures that can be up to the Lord ALLAH, but only up to Him alone. God protect himself behind the light of his God. God is only one. Alone. Even and fulfilled all His servants.

Satrio Piningit is the incarnation of the prophet Hidir. Light supernatural God. Since its inception until his death and when he revived he should keep quiet about yourself (Piningit) conceal his true identity. Humans are not allowed to know and not be able to find out who the real Piningit Satrio. Satrio Piningit highest achievement was when he fused with the origin of its creation is a ALHIDIR. Achieving this could happen if all the tasks that God commanded him had he carried out properly and perfectly. If SatrioPiningit has become ALHIDIR the Messiah will come down to earth to unite themselves and assimilate into the ALHIDIR and become one. That’s when SatrioPiningit appeared with his new name. New name consists of one word. The word is made up of nine letters.

With his new name, SatrioPiningit will rule, led by Indonesia, dubbed FAIR QUEEN. Indonesia will enter into a golden age. Indonesia will be the center of the other nations on the face of this earth. Islam calls for the period as a time of Jesus Christ to lead the world. Christians call is the period in which Jesus Christ descended to find his sheep and feed his flock with compassion to be taken up to heaven.

Goro-goro (RIOT)

Before Satrio Piningit appears it will happen again an event that is very powerful and terrifying. Goro-goro or riot which occurred equally in all parts of the world. That “goro-goro” the fourth and last. The first is the black events of September 97 in Makassar. Second, the May 98 riots in Jakarta. The third is the riots in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, Syria and the surrounding neighboring countries.
Riots first, second and third in essence the same thing just a different coverage area. The equation is a supernatural force penetrated into man then takes over and moves the human being to achieve a common goal, namely the overthrow tyrants (which has a long presidential power). Real ruler who controlled the people (the people). Real ruler who reigned absolute and arbitrary position with the Pharaoh. Because Moses Satrio Piningit fulfill the obligatory upon him to subvert the dzalim ruler.

The fourth riots will happen next is a riot in which supernatural powers on its own and made man, to individual persons as a target amuknya. Individual persons in question are all those who let passion rule over him. Supernatural ruler of a person’s control (personally) called Pharaoh and individual persons who indulge in his desires known as loyal followers and the army of Pharaoh. Because Satrio Piningit fulfill Moses had drowned Pharaoh with all his loyal followers (his army) in the red sea Piningit Satrio will also drown the people who indulge their desires in a sea of blood. There will be bloodshed everywhere. Most of the inhabitants of the earth will die bloody.

After a riot occurs or after the Pharaoh and his hosts were drowned in the sea of red (blood flooding) then finished the task of fulfilling Piningit Satrio Moses.
The people who survived the goro-goro there were not many. Those who survived are called the Children of Israel, including the people of Israel who have annexed Palestinian land. Islamic people are not allowed to envy and resentment to the people of Israel because the people of Israel are religious Jews generally do not know anything. They just do what the Lord had commanded Moses (Moses), and the people of Israel (Jews) are not allowed anymore cult Daud (David) because there has been SatrioPiningit he who fulfills David.

Satrio Piningit will not name said the Children of Israel (the people of Israel) who survived the bloodbath (goro-goro). Satrio Piningit will name them as an independent Indonesia. That is, those who were freed from the shackles of power lust. Satrio Piningit will change the Star of David flag (David star) into the red and white flag. Instead of the promised land of Palestine, but the land (country) Indonesia is Gemah Ripah jinawi. All peaceful. No more hostility, because the cause of hostile-hostile men is lust itself.

In the Koran there are verses that says that Adam and Eve descended into the world for violating God’s prohibition. They eat fruit huldi. Although we believe this verse is not rational. Because it is not rational, it helps us put aside for a while. We use the Koran verses other more rational. In the Qur’an God said “Behold the heavens and the earth were once one and then we separated. We raise the sky. We lowered the earth “. On the other verses the Lord said “heaven and earth created in six days”. In the scripture says “God created for six days, on the seventh day God rested.”

Heavens and the earth that was once united is Atlantis. Paradise of Adam and Eve not occupied in the sky but it is meant Atlantis Paradise. Because the ban is violated then the Lord God’s wrath. God’s wrath caused a huge catastrophe, in the form of the first eruption of Krakatau. The wrath of God causes the heavens and the earth apart. God’s wrath caused Atlantis to sink. Creatures (not to be regarded as a human) who used to inhabit Atlantis separated into two groups. The sink with the sinking of Atlantis, the Java naming them as ruler / queen Nyi Roro Kidul south coast. Nyi Roro Kidul power region includes the Java Sea to the sea Bermuda Triangle. People Javanese Nyi Roro Kidul cult have the truth because he is a creature that sank with Atlantis. Nyi Roro Kidul had an army / armies. They are all inhabitants of Atlantis.

Atlantis residents of other groups are creatures (not to be regarded as human beings) who joined up at the sky ride to the top is raised. Those who inhabit this planet-planet space. Call or call them human beings as spacecraft (UFO). In ancient Greek mythology beings are called gods. Nyi Roro Kidul and UFOs are equally a mystery to mankind as the mystery of Atlantis Paradise.

Another name that sank Atlantis Paradise is Earth (“pertiwi”). Nyi Roro Kidul as a goddess who ruled the place was named as a motherland. All the kings of the powerful Java must get the blessing of the motherland, including all the presidents who will rule the Republic of Indonesia. Creatures that inhabit the Earth all female type, while all the creatures that inhabit the planet spacecraft (UFO) the type of men. They are deliberately being separated so that it does not breed. They are the people of Atlantis are still there and still alive today. They are not human nor jinn especially Satan. They have power in their respective areas. All the creatures that inhabit the Earth is subject and obedient to the prophet Hidir and all creatures that inhabit the planet space subject and obedient to Christ. There is no creature that can be up to God the Creator.

Atlantis disaster leaves as a creature called a human embryo which God prepared inhabit the land. Originally they were also separated as the separation of earth and heaven. The male (Adam) to be around India and the woman (Eve) at the end of the African mainland. They both met the Lord in the barren desert of Arafah. The meeting is the beginning of human breeding, early commencement of different human beings to survive in the Atlantis, Paradise Earth, everything has been provided. To teach human cultivation, God sent the prophet Idris. This is called a second time after the third era of the prophet Noah. In this time of flood disasters occur, the goal is natural barzah created. Nature is inhabited by human beings for the dead. Then the fourth era of the prophet Hud. This happened again in the era of the earthquake, rain of dust following the fifth era of the prophet Salih also happen again earthquakes and hail. The sixth period is the time of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was the sixth prophet and apostles sent by God. The Quran says “Allah took Ibrahim as his favorite servant.” The implied meaning of this verse is the creation of the heavens and the earth for six days has been completed created. The gospel is mentioned six days and God rested on the day of the seventh.
Earth and the sky is made up of six nature, if nature is put together the six so-called “universe”. The sixth is the nature of nature sky, sky to nature, nature barzah, the natural world, nature and the natural Earth hell.

  1. In the wild sky, there are two first heaven and the sky is the seventh lengit. The first heaven is inhabited one hundred twenty-seven angels and heaven is inhabited by three angel Jibril (Gabriel), Michael (Mikael) and Israfil (Sarafil). Masyhar desert sky there first, there are seven heavens Paradise. Two of the heavens and the two places. All must be fulfilled. Paradise is still empty and uninhabited.
  2. In nature there are two points of space. The highest occupied by the sun and the constellation of stars and galaxy. Low occupied months and hundreds of planets. Extraterrestrial (UFO) inhabit the planet. In space there are two places. All must be fulfilled
  3. Barzah Nature is nature that is above ground. The high-high mountain peak. In nature there are two places. The highest inhabited by the spirits of the dead man. This spirit will incarnate back to the birth of the sixth generation. The lowest place (tall tree) inhabited by jinn and satan. Jin and satan can not do reincarnation but they are always disturbing, seductive and misleading people. In nature there are two places barzah. All must be fulfilled
  4. The natural world consists of two elements, namely earth and water. Inhabited by humans are composed of two types of male and female. All must be fulfilled. Plants and animals excluded because they were not held accountable by God
  5. In nature there are two places Earth. The underwater world to the ocean floor and beneath the earth until kelempeng. All must be fulfilled.
  6. Nature is natural that there is a hell below the earth’s crust. There was a fire burning and very hot. Judgment Day has arrived when the sun will fall to earth through the natural Earth. Fire contained to the sun will fulfill itself with fire in hell.

All must be fulfilled and accomplished. Only God the Creator of it yourself. He was single. He’s the One.

In the old Abraham men began to seek God who created everything. Humans worshiped the spirits of their ancestors. Ibrahim (Abraham) had a son named Ishmael (Samuel) and Isaac. Isaac has a son named Jacob (Jacob). Jacob had twelve sons from four mothers. They are referred to the Children of Israel, who later adopted the Jewish religious schools. Jews believe in God even though they did not mention ALLAH because it is not known by the name of their ancestors.

Jews call God by name YAH Weh (Jehovah). Weh means YAH is Java. Java is the origin of their ancestors, the origin of mankind. Java is Paradise lost atlantis. To this day the people of Israel (Jews) believe that the people of Java (Indonesia) is their elderly relatives. Jews believe that the mountain Muriah in Java is the twin brother to the mountain Moriah (Mount Moriah) in Israel. Muriah mountain in Java as Mount Moriah and the twin brother in Israel is the younger twin.
SabdoPalon NayaGenggong the forecast Joyoboyo (ancient Javanese) which is rewritten by R. Ng. Satrio Piningit Ronggowarsito states that would appear to save the people of Java. Its meaning is the human race. Mark the emergence of Satrio Piningit is when Mount Merapi has erupted and the lava leading to the southwest. Reference to the southwest to signal to the rulers of the earth goddess of earth, Nyi Roro Kidul that soon the Atlantis Paradise restated and that is what is meant by Indonesia entered a golden age. Satrio Piningit restate atlantis the lost Paradise for him to even. Everything that has been accomplished is the servant of God.

Mount Merapi has erupted on May 13, 2006. Lava leads to the southwest. It smells foul and unpleasant. Tonight’s event is a full moon night, just when the night Trisuci Vesak festivals for Hindu community. Let the time it will reveal the truth of this prophecy.
It will be stuck all those hostile to Israel. Woe to those hostile to the followers of other religions. You are not familiar with what you believe. Satrio Piningit not a prophet but he is to fulfill the apostle especially twenty-five prophets and apostles. He was not a god. He’s just a god but he fulfills all the gods known to mankind. All that has been accomplished is not entitled to the praise of men. So terjebaklah all forecasters who like to interpret interpreting and guessing about the real Satrio Piningit therefore Sabdo Palon Nayo genggong with Satrio Piningit are one in a real unity.

God has given intelligence and leadership (leadership) to Satrio Piningit to fulfill David as king for the people of Israel. King David was king of a fair share of time. A day to worship God worship, a day set up a day care of his people and his wife and children. Because just to fulfill zahaja (Sahaja, anyway) then Satrio Piningit more comfortable referring to himself as The Queen of Justice. By referring to himself as the queen (the word designated for women who occupy the highest seat) then Satrio Piningit would put itself at the same time as the mother of mankind in order to fulfill a biological mother who gave birth to a human body (one per person) each. She’ll love men (people) with a boundless love which a mother’s love for her children.

Supernatural forces that would move the armies of the jinn and satan who come from all corners of the earth in a state of marching with a very sharp sword to decapitate people who are ruled by lust. This magical armies can not be seen by the eye. Arrival of a sudden and in a trice the neck was severed. Everywhere lay the headless corpse. Fresh blood is spilled. Pungent aroma of rotting carcasses in the wind. All people fear. Melee. Mess. The whole government on the face of the earth to collapse by itself. All evil, all the braggarts and liars will be finished by the armies of the jinn and satan. All the good will survive. The survivors will see that Indonesia entered the golden age.

Satrio Piningit human divide into two classes, namely classes of evil and good classes. The wicked will be fed jin and devil. People who do not believe in the truth of this paper is considered as the bad guy. They are considered arrogant. The man thinks he knows better, more true when he is stupid and wrong. Let later he will be beheaded by a genie. That will either head by Satrio Piningit anointed with love, including for those who accept and believe the truth of this paper by using a sense his thoughts. This article must be justified by reason and mind respectively. A good person is one who has a noble character. They are people who have manners and virtuous.


As men in general, Satrio Piningit also have two properties side in him that is masculine and feminine nature. Masculine nature is reflected in the nature of him as a manly man, handsome, mighty, invincible, persistent fight to preserve the truth of his beliefs even if only by myself. Although not dominant, Satrio Piningit also has properties as being arrogant. Although it does not have anything to say but want to have it all, though said to be low but not high, although said to be poor but not rich. Although ordinary people just want to say the authorities, though dissenters would say a true submissive. Nature of the negative nature of man is haughty, but Satrio Piningit able to restructure the nature of the negative into a positive. Because he turn it into positive then Satrio Piningit make it as motivation for her to prove herself the truth that he does have it all, he is rich, he was in power. He was defiant to the person who made mistakes but he is according to those who do right.

Conscious of himself as an orphan, Satrio Piningit since childhood known as hardworking, silent dislike especially napping or lounging. He does not like routine, he likes the change because he likes the challenge. The bigger the challenge the more he liked because of the resulting changes will be more even though all he had to go through it with patience. Satrio Piningit was a patient of the best. He can show even as his sympathetic smile bitterly offended. Nature of the patient Satrio Piningit just camouflage to cover up its just like replying. Anyone who would hurt her merciless retaliation beyond the pain he had ever felt. This applies to all people without exception, including your own. The concept of justice according to Satrio Piningit understand is that if he had to retaliate in kind.

As a child of god born from the womb of a Javanese woman, although she has properties as a masculine man will but Satrio Piningit has one major drawback. The disadvantage is that to prove that he was not a god. Satrio Piningit very “scared” to his mother. He’s not afraid to heaven, for they said that Paradise is under mother’s feet. Although her mother wrong, but he’s still under then slowly change it. Although his mother was furious and hit him with a rebuke, but he remains silent and put his body slowly he made little jokes that his mother smiled. Her smile is a beautiful gift for him. Satrio Piningit understand that all suffering has a mother when she was in the womb and the pain, the incalculable pain that mother must feel when he was born rewarded by making the mother of the son of proud smiles. Replies it was worth enough to make up for the anguish and pain. However, according to the schools Satrio Piningit; mother’s milk of eternal debt which is not likely to be shortchanged in any way at any time.

During his life, Satrio Piningit always devoted himself to his mother. After his mother died, service was not over. Bakti Satrio Piningit applied into devotion to the motherland which is dominated by descendants of the peoples of Java as the origin of his mother’s ancestors, ancestor Satrio Piningit.  Mother Earth at this time feel the pain. Indonesia suffered the nation. Disasters happen everywhere. People’s hard to eat. People did not feel comfortable. A lot of anger. A lot of aggravation. It may also be a lot of hatred. All felt that the motherland. Mother Nature did not cry. Motherland to be patient, because Mother Nature knows that she is pregnant. Indeed, everything tasted terrible, if the mother is experiencing a period of ngidamnya. Mother Nature knew that the fetus is in the womb is the great leaders of the world. The fetus was still hiding in the womb of the motherland. He was still hiding in the content of the motherland. Later, when there has been a goro-goro is very powerful, very painful illness, blood splattered everywhere and the bloodbath that was the sign that Mother Earth gave birth to the son of the sole. Son of pride. Son of a lifetime. Son who has been long awaited. Son it has a name consisting of nine letters Zah-aja (Sahaja, anyway).

His son was going to lead Indonesia and the world. Although he was a man but he has his fair queen. That is because he has too feminine characteristics, such as the beautiful motherland is. Nature it is because he will rule with a tender, loving and affectionate. Indonesia will feel like being in Paradise. Feel at ease, calm, peaceful, everything is available and provided. That’s why other nations glance Indonesia and want to stay in Indonesia. And the sons of the motherland will say “Come here all, we realize our unity, the unity of Indonesia. I am your leader to promote a just and civilized humanity. We are all servants of God under the banner of Belief in God Almighty. Our independence flag is red and white. We are the national anthem Indonesia Raya. Anything and everything you enjoy it originally started from the Javanese, from the land of Java, Indonesia became a means to feast called One For All “.
And the beautiful motherland with her innocence saying “All this can happen because the son is not afraid to heaven. Because his father was the god of the father for the Paradise on earth so that my son was delighted and happy. Pleasure and happiness is pleasure and happiness of my son all of us. Indonesia, one for all. That is justice. “


When will the goro-goro or melee?. Although it is near but not one can be sure when it happened. Riots will occur suddenly. There was no sign of let alone a sign that preceded it so that people would not be able to protect themselves. Like a mother who was pregnant, no one can be sure at the moment when, at what time by minutes and seconds keberapa mother gave birth to her son. A riot occurred at night. All people fear. Lots of fresh blood splattered everywhere. Corpses with severed head lay abandoned. Horrible!.

Now this is a crazy time!. Era of freedom!. Many human behavior strange and funny. This is the era of rah-rah.

Have had a rah-rah before the riot. Rah-rah is the freedom and pleasure of man, because it is the jinn and satan locked in the dungeon and they starved. They should not interfere with what would be done by humans. Immorality is rampant because people like and enjoy doing. All people feel self-righteous when wrong. Feel smart but stupid. Feel good but evil. Considered to be close to God when away. Considered to be strong when weak. That is why the so-called era of crazy!. Human madness was not caused by the instigation or temptation and the devil jin will but purely due to obey human passions that exist within himself.

A riot is the fun and freedom devil jin and humans consuming. They will come running around like a hungry beast!, According to ideology and belief that Hidden Knight is meant by “justice”. Justice must be upheld on this earth. After a rah-rah the riots have occurred. Justice must be upright in the earth before the fair queen ruled.



  1. Satrio Piningit has been in our midst. Look and see us. People might not know the figure, if revealed to the person so he is not Satrio Piningit. People might not be able to know of its existence because Satrio Piningit is between two worlds, namely the real and the supernatural.
  2. Imam Mahdi and Isa the prophet of Islam and awaited by the people of Jesus Christ is eagerly awaited by the Christians have all been down to earth since 1996. All three are accumulated into a single unit within Satrio Piningit. The forecast stated that SatrioPiningit armed Joyoboyo “stake tri” meaning is the Imam Mahdi, the prophet Jesus, and Jesus Christ. That’s the power of weapons and Satrio Piningit.
  3. Satrio Piningit Indonesia and will lead the world with his fair queen. At the time of its emergence, Satrio Piningit use the new name. Its name consists of one word with nine letters zahaja (Sahaja, anyway). At the time that Indonesia will enter a golden age. Gemah Ripah jinawi. This year has been even-age Satrio Piningit half a century.
  4. Satrio Piningit intangibles such as human as men in general. The difference is due to Satrio Piningit son of the gods. Called the son of god because he is a child or bead Hidir prophet. Famous Prophet has the highest science and has remained a mystery until today. Satrio Piningit have two biological mothers. The first; Mrs. Rukmini (Javanese) is the mother who gave birth to his body remains. Second, Mother Earth (the state of Indonesia) is the mother who gave birth to her as the ruler of the universe.
  5. Satrio Piningit are descended from the Java side (Makassar). After King Prabuwijaya converted to Islam, then Sabdo Palon Nayo genggong part with it. Sabdo Palon to South Sulawesi, precisely in the kingdom of Gowa Makassar. He was guiding the king of Gowa, Gowa king converted to Islam and given the name of Sultan Alauddin. Sabdo Palon also guide Sheikh Yusuf Al Makasssary, Waliullah. In Makasaar Sabdo Palon leave a trail name as “bawa Karaeng” which means word of the king. If the Java Sabdo Palon appoint an ash eruption of Merapi volcano to the southwest as a sign of its appearance, then in Makassar Sabdo Palon pointed to the mountain “BAWA KARAENG” (says the king) as a sign of magic everything he said though it was hundreds of years. Makassar’s name also was the name given by Sabdo Palon.  “Makassar” comes from the word literally makkasarak from fine to coarse. Sabdo is a word that sounded. Sound is not seen by a real eye but only heard by the ear. Sabdo of an owner. Yaang owners previously unseen (fine) now to coarse (makkasarak). Owner Sabdo Palon adalaah Piningit Satrio. Satrio Piningit will go back to Java. Sabdo Palon has no real form. Sabdo Palon is Hidir alaihissalaam prophet. Most teachers all the kings and saints of God. He is everywhere. Age 2000 years (figure 2 means fulfilled) over 3 years (figure 3 is a magic weapon trissula Wedha). In Makassar (to rough, makkasarak) Sabdo Palon (prophet Hidir) prepare its own incarnation as a human being’s body later was named Satrio Piningit. One of the many duties of his job was to prove the truth of the words Sabdo Palon. Satrio Piningit also is Nayo genggong.
  6. Satrio Piningit armed with “trident” emerged in Indonesia since the beginning of mankind’s civilization in Indonesia and will be terminated in Indonesia as well. Experts say, the lost continent of Atlantis was submerged Indonesia. Satrio Piningit justify the words of the experts. Satrio Piningit be descendants of Java as the oldest civilization of mankind are Javanese. Muriah mountains are silent witnesses of past civilizations. Observe carefully and then you will find the truth nodes.


The author gave high appreciation to those who have read this article especially for those who seek the real truth about the mystery of the emergence of Satrio Piningit and downs of Imam Mahdi, the prophet Jesus, and Jesus Christ.
The author asks the readers who would kindly deign to tell close relatives and friends to read this article. Spread this article via social networking information media and Internet sites and other means that you control. Develop your creativity respectively, for this paper can be up to mankind, including the photographs are allowed to copy and spread to people who do not master the technology of information.
If advice is received by the author of a sincere heart and, if properly implemented at that time you could feel the presence of Satrio Piningit near you. He wrote. He is also overseeing the deployment of his writings. If you so kindly, lovingly stroked your head. If you mean, stingy and arrogant then you will be beaten.

Written on June 1, 2012

(The Birth Day Trisila)

Versi indonesia : Satrio Piningit


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